Oh darling babies, how to insist upon you the importance of eating right and exercising? How can I show you that the more you move the more you’ll love yourself? Maybe, just maybe, you won’t fall into the trap of all other adolescents with a skewed self-image. 

The only way is to eat right and exercise myself. I can show you that a woman is allowed to have muscles and still look beautiful; I can show that a a man should treat a woman with respect and love her every curve, blip, and scar; I can show you that eating healthy doesn’t have to be icky, but absolutely delicious! 

Even though you will learn to be healthy and love your body, darlings, you are the ones who have showed me. Because of you I love my body more now than ever. Because of you I cherish each scar, each stretch mark, each indent. Because of you I know what eating right truly means. Because of you I push myself harder always wanting to be better—for you. You two make me into a better woman and for that I will always be grateful. 

Hopefully, my babies, you will love your children as much as I love you (hopefully, more!) and because of them you will become a better person as I have become a better person because of you.