Child OCD, it’s a serious, but helpful condition.

Let me make clear that I am in no way undermining people who suffer from OCD, and I understand that maybe my child does not have OCD. With that said let me just point that when the kid wakes up in the morning and finishes his chichita (milk) he goes around my room, and his, and unplugs everything. When I say everything, I mean everything: the cellphone chargers, the steamer, the night lights, the monitor, and so on. Then he comes downstairs and after I finish using the microwave he switches off the¬†power strip¬† Then (no and then!), the funniest OCD thing he does is that as he runs across my house, if the guest bathroom door is open he will stop his fun and games and slam it shut, “Geez, woman, don’t you know how to shut this door?”

I guess I should be thanking him for saving me money and for being eco-friendly. So, thank you kid for putting the planet and Mama’s pocket into consideration.