Baby Boy

pit pat pit pat pit pat
your Feet slap against the white tiles
suck suck suck suck
goes your Mouth as if you’ve found the fountain of Youth on your mother’s breast

with each inch you grow
with each pound you gain
I see your Innocence fading into the Night.

each delightful Sleep you take
there It floats away.
each delicious meal you consume
there It floats away.

as Time robs you away from me
as quickly as a butterfly Dies,
I hold onto to your Innocence
in safekeeping.

one Day you’ll get it back
one Day you’ll know what it is to be young again.
on the Day I will lose you Forever.


About uletmeeatcake

A young and active mother who only wants the best for her children...and herself. Join in on the ride as she discovers who her children are and who they will grow up to be and her adventures as a writer and editor.

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